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Fully immerse yourself into a local experience by staying at Pumzika Nature Camp. A camp owned and run by local villagers, everything is made by hand using naturally available materials. Chance to get involved with local activities such as a cooking class, learning how to make a makuti roof, canoe ride to a secret island and learning to climb coconut trees! An experience every traveller who visits Kenya NEEDS to do.

Impact Created
  • Locally Owned: created by the most joyful man with a great vision to give visitors a chance to experience local Kenyan life. Every little extra money he gets he invests back into the camp, creating new features and add ons to make your trip as delightful as possible.
  • Zero Waste: a use is found for everything, nothing is wasted. Recycled, upcycled and reused, as you walk around camp you’ll notice many examples of this.
  • Community Focused: a camp central to the community, being a critical source of income and empowering the community to create further impact. 
  • Clean Energy: the entire camp runs on solar lighting.
  • Fair Food: the majority of ingredients are grown in the backyard or surrounding areas of the camp. Ensuring the food you eat is seasonal and organic. 
  • Natural Design: using materials found locally and naturally, built by the owner himself hence reducing the impact on the environment while staying authentic.
Visit Pumzika

This experience tends to be our travellers’ highlight of their entire trip to Kenya. 


  • Beautiful place, the water is great. Harrison and his family are lovely, they make u feel at home with friends… the food is amazing and the best prices 🙂

  • The most loving family made us feel so welcome, a true authentic experience that everyone should do. The activities were so fun and the food delicious. Will definitely be coming back and telling everyone who visits Kenya about this!

AccommodationPumzika Nature Camp
Category:Treehouses, Bandas & Camping
Facilities: Self-made treehouses | Ensuite Bandas | Resturant | Open Lounge area | Campfire | 10 min walk to Creek | Local Activities | Toilets & Showers

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