Top things to do in Mombasa, Coastal Kenya.
Mombasa City is the second largest city in Kenya after the capital Nairobi. Filled with great history, Mombasa harbors great connections between the past and present times at the Kenyan coast. Mombasa offers vast opportunities for visitors and locals to enjoy both the historic richness of the city and the beautiful sandy beaches by the...
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What to Pack on Safari: The Ethical Safari Edition
A classic African Safari is an experience everyone ought to have at least once in their life. Be it at Tsavo National Park in Kenya or a dive into the Akagera Park in Rwanda, experiencing animals in their natural home is a life changing experience. It is important to ensure we are practicing sustainable ethical...
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4 Unique Travel Experiences in Kenya
Kenya is a country that has great diversity, making it one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. Tourists get to experience the wildlife rich savannahs, beautiful white sandy beaches, a diverse collection of cultural experiences, well preserved forest lands and endless travel experiences unique to the country. Here are top four unique experiences you...
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Sustainable Tourism in Kenya
The concept of sustainable tourism and travel is fairly young. Many people are yet to grasp what it really means and this means not many people are implementing it. A survey conducted in Stockholm revealed that 69% of people say sustainable tourism is very important to them. However, in the same survey, 75% of the...
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A New AAdventure in Kenya
HELLO WORLD!! I am so excited you found your way to our first ever T4P blog post. We are so excited to build this community of travel lovers while we create a positive impact in the travel space. Travel4Purpose was created by Sham, who was motivated by her passion for travel and making a difference...
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